Day 26: Rescued!

IMG_1238Look who swooped in with the CF-18 to rescue Buddy and Holly from the angry marshmallowmen. Jack’s Monkey! I guess there are no hard feelings between him and Buddy after the attempted theft of his girl.

That’s the Christmas spirit, Buddy. Love and forgiveness.

Just 7 marshmallowmen left until Christmas! (One flew away with monkey on the Snowbird!)

Day 25: “Marshmallows unite!”

IMG_1227Eight little marshmallow snowmen staged a revolt last night, as Mr. Snowman stood watch above.

One marshmallowman holds a sign saying “U 8 our frenz”. “Marshmallows unite!” says another.

And Mr. Snowman (whom Buddy and Holly have been using for his mini marshmallows recently) holds a sign that says, “Go back to the North Pole!” as he stands on top of the glasses that hold them captive.

What a fine mess you’ve gotten yourselves into this time, you silly elves. I’d like to see how you get out of this.

Just 8 days until Christmas. I hope these elves can make it to Christmas Eve!

Day 24: Hot chocolate


Buddy and Holly were sharing a mug of hot chocolate this morning… with 9 little marshmallows slowly melting on top. The countdown continues it seems, with just 9 days left until Christmas.

But oh, Buddy and Holly. Mr. Snowman doesn’t look too impressed with you both. Using his minis for your countdown may have him a little upset. I’d watch it if I were you.

Day 23: Making minis (10 days til Christmas!)

DSC_0392 What in the world are you doing, Buddy and Holly? Did that snowman say you could grate some marshmallows off him?

The note behind them says “Pssssst. Jack and Alice! It’s time to start the countdown!” There is a “10!” on the front of the grater over top of 10 mini marshmallows.

Oh elves, couldn’t you have picked a nicer way to start your countdown? You really are extra mischievous this week!DSC_0388

Day 22: Hiding out or scoping out?

When the kids awoke this morning, the elves were still (or back) in the spots we found them the previous day. However, it seems some shenanigans ensued in the night.

DSC_0379 DSC_0380

Both kids walked right into the webs of saran wrap that covered their doors as the elves watched from their hiding spots and (I’m sure) giggled their little elf faces off.

Naughty, naughty elves!

Day 21: Peekaboo!


DSC_0367DSC_0372 Buddy and Holly really had the kids perplexed on day 21. It took them both a while to find them, even though the elves were hiding right under their noses.

Holly blended in especially well in Alice’s room I think. Can you find her?

Day 20: Little Charmer

“Where’s Buddy?” Jack asked this morning, looking everywhere.

“Where are you, Buddy??” Alice asked when she couldn’t find him either.

He was nowhere to be found. Until Alice went into the cupboard for some cereal this morning….

What a little charmer. A Lucky Charmer, to be exact. Silly Buddy.