Departure Day

This is it! As Buddy wrote in his letter to the kids, “It’s Christmas Eve! It’s Christmas Eve!” And, keeping up with the Christmas Eve tradition, Buddy brought with him Christmas pajamas for the kids as commissioned by my dad before he passed away. The countdown is over, and tonight the jolly man in the … Continue reading

Buddy and Holly, sitting in a tree.

  This morning, two little elves sat in the tree branches with two little presents for two good little children. Buddy and Holly gave Alice and Jack each a small Christmas gift today. A mermaid necklace for Alice and an Angry Bird Star Wars “Han Solo” backpack clip for Jack. They know these kids well. … Continue reading

Deck the halls with Buddy and Holly…

    …Fa la la la la la la la la. We were toilet papered! Just 3 more days until Christmas, and Buddy and Holly’s return to the North Pole. We’re looking forward to the big day, but we’ll miss our little friends.

All that glitters

With Holly perched precariously on the roof top and Buddy standing on a snowman’s shoulders, we woke to find a  beautiful garland draped across the front of Buddy and Holly’s house this morning. Made of red ribbon and five lovely, golden rings the elves’ home is now picture perfect and holiday ready. Wait a minute. … Continue reading

Tummy troubles

Looks like Buddy and Holly got into the treats a little too hard last night. Their faces are covered in icing and they are surrounded by cookies, candy canes and sprinkles. Buddy is holding his stomach and Holly is face down, out for the count. Somebody needs to teach you elves about moderation. We are … Continue reading

9! 9! 9!

At first we weren’t sure what to make of Buddy and Holly’s antics this morning. “What on earth are they doing?”, we wondered as we stared at them. Hmm… Santa and the snowmen are each holding up cards with the number 9 on them. And looking a little closer, we noticed that Holly has what … Continue reading

Ten little Lego men standing in a row…

It appears a compromise was worked out over night, and Buddy and Holly were freed in exchange for 10 delicious candy canes. The Lego characters lined up and took their turns on Buddy’s knee who dressed up as Santa for the occasion and listened to their Christmas wishes. Holly helped by handing candy canes as … Continue reading